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It was a calm sunny summer-break day. At age seven and five in Jamaica my brother and I found a small bird, stuck in a tree in our yard. A three inch thorn ran straight through it’s chest. With feeble faint and fading chirps it spoke “help”. We were just kids playing in the yard; or so we thought. Somehow we cut the bird down thorn intact, found razor-blade, needle and thread and began our surgery on the veranda. Carefully we cut through its chest to expose the thorn. We skillfully removed the thorn causing the least amount of damage. We sewed up the bird and gave it some water. Moments later the bird flew away and perched itself on our fence. I didn’t give much thought about this story until I recounted it forty years later during my brother’s eulogy. We both pursued problem solving careers as computer engineers and entrepreneurs; the joy of making the complex seem simple. As it turns out the art of simplification has many applications. Keeping it simple, keeps it stress-free, keeps it efficient and keeps most people happy. Additionally, the small bird was a metaphor for my continuing adventure to find ways to help illuminate what may seem small, un-achievable or the underdog by sponsoring its success. You can win sometimes .. or perhaps often. You against the odds. You despite the system. You ignorant of the stats. It’s about what you believe, what you know, how you say it, how you do it. Then you win. My role: the official sponsor of your success. It was later in life that I wondered and appreciated extending that bird’s time, even though the odds were against us. About a hour or so later we found the bird at the base of the fence. Spoon in-hand, that was its final resting place.

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7 – 14 – 21


7 Steps, 14 Days To Contract, 21 Days To Close.

Step 1: Get READY 
[Day 1] Use this quick calculator to find out where you stand (Skip this step if you're paying cash.): In Clark County Nevada you could estimate annual hazard insurance at about 0.3% of purchase price and annual property tax at about 1.0% of purchase price.
[Day 2 - 5] Use to search for your dream home in the area to get a feel for what you like. ( has the most up-to-date and accurate home information online.) Use a map service such as Google Maps to see the neighborhood from the sky. [Day 2]  a) List 3 things you must have in your new home. [Day 3]  b) List 3 things you would like to have. [Day 4]  c) List 3 things you could do without. [Day 5]  d) List 3 things you will definitely avoid.
Step 3: PREPARE 
 [Day 6 - 7] Get Pre-Approved with a lender or request a proof of funds letter from your bank. Sellers and particularly Seller's agents want to know you can buy what you see. Remember time is money and these professional's time is as important as your time.
Step 4: FIND IT 
 [Day 8 - 9] On identify 6 -12 properties you like. Contact a Realtor to get the complete background on the property.
 [Day 10 - 18] Drive-by each neighborhood during the week and on the weekend. Unless you are an investor, meaning you won't live there, you can't rely on the map service.
 [Day 19 - 20] Call me with the top 3 properties which interest you so I can prepare a presentation and analysis to help in your decision.
Step 7: GOT IT 
 [Day 21-24] We will visit each of the 3 potential homes, then negotiate the purchase of one.

You close escrow typically 21 days later because you were prepared.

… Stress-free … So You Can Smile at Night, Guaranteed

You’re ready. You’re set. But you don’t want stress. How may I help you?

We offer, A Simple, Efficient, Stress-free Real Estate Practice So You Can Smile at Night, Guaranteed.

I guarantee that if you follow all steps below, that you will have little stress and have a signed contract to purchase or rent your home within 21 days.

If you do not have a signed contract or your experience is stressful, I will pay you $500 for a purchase or $100 for a rental when you close with me representing you.

  • Get Ready

    1. Are you ready emotionally?

    2. Are you ready logically?

    3. Are you financially ready?

    4. Communicate With An Advocate.

  • Get Set

    1. Research – Narrow Your Search

    2. Due Diligence – Review The Data

    3. Visualize Your Success

  • Go!

    1. Make An Offer

    2. Negotiate Best Deal

    3. Open Escrow

    4. Protect Yourself

    5. Review Disclosures

    6. Close